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How to Align your Crown Chakra

The seventh chakra, otherwise known as the crown chakra or sahasrara, is located at the top of the head. This energy center is associated with unity of all things and connected with the higher self. It governs the desire for peace, a higher consciousness and an evolved state of being. When you’re 7th chakra is clear you’re more empathetic, interested in a greater purpose and strive for an elevated way of being. You see yourself as united with the earth and with others. When your crown chakra is aligned, you have a clearer sense of who you are.

Signs of a blocked or underactive crown chakra:

• Overly connected to materialism

• A lack of connection to the world

• Lack of higher purpose or life purpose

• Lack of empathy

• May feel physically off balance

The best way to connect with the crown chakra is through methods that foster self-inquiry and an understanding of the things that are outside of us. Journaling, meditation, and stepping into nature all evoke self reflection. Acknowledging that we are a part of something greater is what keeps us empathetic and engaged with humanity.


Meditation doesn’t have to be monumental in intensity or length. Carve out 10 minutes to absorb a beautiful sunset, gaze at a horizon or be mesnerized by the sky above. It doesn’t take long to shift out of your head and connect with the expansiveness of the universe. Moments like this help one to understand the things that are outside of themselves. It’s comforting to be a apart of something greater and It connects us with humanity and empathy.

Immerse in Nature. Connect with senses. Immerse yourself in nature and connect all at once- salt water, air, sand, earth, sun, rain…the more natural elements the better and if safe, go barefoot!

Ask yourself: what can I hear? What can I smell? What can I touch? What can I see? This is a great practice to connect you in the present moment and is especially effective if you have an overactive crown chakra. Have you ever heard that you have your head in the clouds? Flightiness can be an indicator of an overactive chakra. If this is the case for you, grounding practices such as connecting to senses can be more effective than meditation. It’s important to note that it’s wise to differentiate between symptoms of an underactive or overactive chakra. The way in which we balance that particular chakra can vary depending on the symptoms.

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