Michelle Brewer

BA Psychology, RYT, CRMP, IRIL1 

Reiki, Yoga, Reiki Meditation, Yoga Therapy

Holistic Health 


"When you touch one thing with deep awareness, you touch everything."


-Lao Tzu

My journey in holistic health and healing began over 20 years ago when I discovered yoga when it was suggested as a method to help heal an unrelenting spinal injury. Almost immediately, I noticed a decrease in pain both during and after yoga class. Day by day practice left me not only physically stronger, but I also felt more focused and content than ever before. Eventually. I was inspired to share my passion for yoga with others. In 2003, I trained to be a 200 HR yoga instructor at Discovery Yoga in St Augustine, FL.


Through years of teaching and developing my practice, I began to understand that the principles of yoga are not only helpful on the mat, but have real life lessons and applications. For examples, the koshas represent the layers, much like that of an onion, of the body and soul.. When explored and peeled away, the true self is revealed. It's here where the inner core of goodness exists. Through this journey, I've   embraced the Buddhist Zen philosophy of Shoshin, beginners mind, as I approach life with curiosity and the enthusiasm to evolve, grow and learn. I have always had a deep interest in the bodies capacity to heal itself. So after years of teaching, I embarked on a journey to study the Usui Reiki technique and went on to receive my master certification. Yoga and Reiki are a natural combination. Both practices work in tandem, encouraging the flow of life force energy in the body by removing blocks and balancing the chakras. In 2019, I received my Level 1 certification in the IRest method of Mindfulness Meditation. I take a holistic approach to health and well-being fusing Reiki, meditation, yoga and aromatherapy to treat the physical, emotional, social, spiritual and intellectual body. Each holistic technique that I incorporate can stand alone, be combined, or compliment western medicine practices as they are all safe and natural.

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