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Reiki | Hypnosis | Energy Healing

My main focus of holistic health and energy healing is to find balance within all systems of the body. I intuitively combine modalities best suited to the needs of each client by utilizing applications of Reiki, Hypnosis, Theta Healing, and Emotion Code to compliment and amplify the healing of the physical and emotional body. 

Energy Healing Modalities


Reiki is an energy healing technique that promotes relaxation, reduces stress and anxiety through gentle touch. Reiki practitioners use their hands to deliver energy to your body, improving the flow and balance of your energy to support healing.


Theta Healing is a technique to develop natural intuition through changing the brain wave cycle to the theta waves with the intention of exploring how emotional energy affects a person's health.


Integrative  methods combine the power of hypnosis and the gentle healing energy of Reiki therapy to help you make positive changes. By accessing your unconscious mind, I use tailored techniques to shift behaviors, perceptions, thoughts, and internal dialogue according to your unique needs.


The Emotion Code is an energy-based therapy that is used to quickly and easily identify, and release trapped emotional energy. The Emotion Code works by literally getting rid of emotional baggage.


Hypnosis therapy is an artistic process where I intuitively blend suggestion and imagery, creating a focused and meaningful experience centered around a specific theme or goal that we establish together. This holistic approach addresses your well-being on multiple levels - mentally, emotionally, and energetically.
By integrating hypnosis and Reiki, together we can support your overall wellness and facilitate positive transformation on your healing journey.

Reiki Healing Sessions

Offering both In-Person Reiki sessions at Mind Body Sanctuary in the Fremont Neighborhood of Seattle or Virtual sessions by phone or by zoom. Virtual sessions are well-suited to clients who prefer to avoid travel time, who may not be well enough for an in-person session or who live outside the Seattle area. Call or email me to set up a FREE 15 Minute Consultation to learn more about holistic Healing Sessions and if they would be right for you.

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