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Benefits of Animal Reiki Healing

In the last few years Animal Reiki Healing has become more common as a complementary healing modality in Veterinary Clinics and animal shelters. It has been found to be effective in reducing anxiety and stress which is why it has been gaining popularity in shelters. It’s also been used for end-of-life care to ease pain and assist emotionally in that final transition for both the animal and their families.

It's clear that energy healing is just as effective for animals as it is in humans. There are no down-sides for Animal Reiki Healing since it is such a gentle non-invasive complementary therapy which most animals take to easily. It supports animals with a wide range of physical issues such as pain, arthritis, and digestive disorders. I’ve even used it on a personal level to heal an ulcer on my dog’s eye. Unfortunately, he did not respond to the prescribed antibiotics as hoped and his condition worsened quickly. The vet feared that the ulcer was too deep and that his eye was on the verge of collapse. He referred me to a specialist and felt surgery was inevitable. While I took this seriously and was prepared to take next steps, I applied reiki daily and the ulcer went away and the infection ceased within a few days. While Spike lost most of his vision in that eye, he did not need to have surgery to remove it. I feel so thankful that he did not need to go through the trauma of surgery and losing his eye.

Reiki also is an effective treatment for emotional and behavioral issues such as anxiety, depression, and aggression. In addition, it works well for animals who are adjusting to a new home or a new sibling (whether animal or human) in the house. It can be frustrating on both ends when our fur babies are unable to communicate with us, and Reiki can help bridge that communication gap. Adding Reiki Healing into the health plan for your animal enhances their overall well-being and is a great way to complement healing physical ailments.

If you are interested in learning more and seeing if Animal Reiki Healing is right for your animal, contact me for a complimentary 15-minute consultation by emailing me at

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