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New Client Reiki + Yoga Packages $99


Yoga | Reiki | Hypnosis


"Michelle is incredible! Not only do a I take her yoga classes regularly but I also see her monthly for reiki. She is so giving of her intuitive gifts with others. She has helped me tremendously over the last year tap into my true, authentic self and work to live a more peaceful life through her energy work. The last couple of years have been difficult on so many levels and I feel so grateful to have come into contact with Michelle when I was a universe thing. She is AMAZING!!"

-Kristin S. from Edmonds, WA

I am a certified Yoga Instructor, Reiki Practitioner offering holistic treatments, hypnosis and yoga classes in the greater Seattle area. In addition, I specialize in luxury wellness retreats in Sedona, Palm Springs and Hawaii. I am passionate about optimizing clients holistic health through yoga, hypnosis and energy medicine. My integrative approach combines different schools of thought to meet the unique physical, emotional and spiritual needs of clients. By using multiple modalities, I can be flexible and intuitive at treating a range of concerns which include: pain, depression, anxiety and negative thought patterns. I am compassionate with my clients and work with them to clarify goals conducive to healing, internal exploration and transformation. 



Join me! There is a class for everyone...

Reiki Yoga Classes SeattleRebalance and refresh with a synergistic combination of Reiki + Yoga in a 60 minute in-person class in the Phinney Ridge Neighborhood of Seattle.
Fall Classes begin Fri, Sept 15th:

Mornings: Fri (+select Wed) @9:30am (70 min) $22

Evenings: Mon @4:45pm (60 min) $20

Outdoor Reiki Yoga Classes Green LakeRebalance and refresh with a synergistic combination of Reiki + Yoga in a 60 minute in-person class at Green Lake in Seattle.

Summer Only (2024 dates TBA)

Breathwork & Reiki Workshop: This unique 90-minute workshop combines holotropic breathwork infused with soothing Reiki energy medicine in an intimate setting at Discovery Park as the sun sets over the water. Limited to 9 attendees.

Thurs, June 20th @7:30pm (90-Min) $55

"When you touch one thing with deep awareness, you touch everything."

- Lao Tzu 

In-Person Yoga Classes

One-on-One Healing Sessions

Contact me to set up a Free 15-Minute Consultation to learn more about Reiki Healing & Hypnosis Sessions and if they are the right fit for you.
Private Group Classes, Workshops & Retreats

Are you looking to infuse wellness into your group's journey?

I specialize in curating tailored Reiki Therapy, Hypnosis, Meditation and Yoga experiences designed exclusively for small groups. Whether it's a private gathering, a workshop, or a rejuvenating retreat, I'm here to bring your vision to life.

I will collaborate closely with you to create a one-of-a-kind wellness journey that aligns with your group's intentions and aspirations.


Ready to embark on a transformative path together? Contact me to start designing your unique wellness adventure.

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