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Clear Limiting Beliefs through Theta Healing & Yoga

Combining yoga poses, mudras, and Theta Healing meditation can create a powerful synergy for setting intentions and cultivating mindfulness. Here are some yoga poses, mudras, and Theta Healing techniques that we will use this week in class for our intention-setting practice:

Yoga Poses for Intention Setting:

·   Tree Pose (Vrikshasana): Balancing on one leg, bring the sole of your foot to the inner thigh or calf. This pose encourages focus and concentration, supporting clarity in setting intentions.

·   Seated Meditation: Find a comfortable seated position for mindfulness and reflection. Close your eyes, breathe deeply, and turn your attention inward.

Mudras for Intention Setting:

·   Gyan Mudra (Knowledge Mudra): Touch the tip of your index finger to the tip of your thumb, forming a circle. This mudra enhances concentration, knowledge, and spiritual openness, making it conducive to setting clear intentions.

·   Hakini Mudra (Gesture of the Mind): Touch the fingertips of both hands together, creating a steeple shape. This mudra is believed to harmonize the brain's hemispheres, aiding in focus and mental clarity.

Integrating Theta Healing Meditation:

Theta Healing meditations offer profound benefits, including stress reduction, improved mental clarity, and emotional release. Practitioners often experience enhanced sleep quality, a strengthened mind-body connection, and increased self-confidence. These meditations also focus on transforming limiting beliefs, promoting intuition, and fostering the manifestation of positive intentions for holistic well-being.

To prepare for this week's theta healing meditation be sure to first identify any limiting beliefs that you would like to release that may hinder your intentions. We will use a theta-healing meditation towards the end of our session to replace these beliefs with positive and empowering ones. We will practice envisioning our intentions by vividly visualizing them as if they are already manifest and feeling the emotions associated with achieving these intentions.

We will conclude the class with a moment of reflection, expressing gratitude for the positive changes we’ve envisioned and feeling that energy flow through us.

By combining these practices, we will create a holistic approach to intention setting. The yoga poses and mudras help ground and focus our physical and energetic body, while Theta Healing meditation facilitates deep inner transformation, aligning our subconscious with our conscious intentions. This integrated approach enhances mindfulness, clarity, and the manifestation of your desired outcomes.


As a certified yoga instructor and reiki therapist based in Seattle, I like to blend a variety of techniques into my practice to ensure that your body feels healthy, strong, and balanced. I teach group in-person classes, specialty workshops, and custom healing retreats. Click Here for Details


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