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New Seattle Reiki Yoga Winter Class Series 2024

Hey Lovely Souls! 


Ready to kick off the new year with intention setting on the mat? Join me in yoga as we breathe, flow and set intentions that speak to our hearts. Let’s make 2024 a year full of purpose and joy. 

This 12-week winter yoga series aims to assist you in fostering mindfulness and gratitude as you step into a New Year of possibilities and opportunities. I'm deeply grateful to create a supportive environment for this special community that shares a similar mindset.

We'll begin with intention setting and exploring manifestation in January, transition into heart-opening practices for February, and then shift to themes of rebirth and gratitude in March.

January: New Year Intentions

Week 1: Grounding Intentions

Dynamic flow followed by Yoga Nidra ( guided meditation) to firmly root our intentions in the present moment.

Week 2: Aligning Energy Centers

Explore yoga sequences that align and balance energy centers for enhanced spiritual awareness.

Week 3: Manifesting Clarity

Practice poses and breathwork that promote mental clarity, aiding in the manifestation of clear and focused intentions.

Week 4:  Theta Healing 

In addition to our flow, explore theta healing meditation to align us with our intention. 


February: Opening the Heart

Week 1: Harmonizing the Heart with Tuning Fork Resonance. 

Experience the resonance of a tuning fork tuned to the heart chakra frequency of 639 Hz. and heart-opening poses to release what we need to let go of. 


Week 2: Heart Unveiled

Explore additional heart-opening poses paired with tapping exercises to unlock and expand the energy of the heart center.


Week 3: Yoga and Reiki

Incorporate self-love Reiki, channeling healing energy to the heart space to foster self-love and acceptance.

Week 4: Radiant Self-Love Integration

Conclude this series with a heart-centered flow and meditation while listening to the frequency of 639 Hz. that fosters love and compassion. Reading from the rose oracle deck. 


March: Rebirth and Gratitude

Week 1: Spring Renewal

Embrace spring's energy with poses symbolizing renewal and an energy clearing to align ourselves with the season's revitalizing spirit.

Week 2: Transformation

Transformative breath work and yoga poses celebrating the springtime emergence of the cherry blossoms and embracing the beauty found in change.

Week 3: Gratitude Flow

Yoga and Koshi Chimes to enhance the feeling of gratitude. Ending with a meditation to be in the present moment. 

Week 4: Spring Equinox

Spring is a symbol of rebirth and expansion. This week we will explore an Invigorating flow, pendulum clearing, and a celebration of new beginnings.




Unlimited Mon/Fri Yoga + 1 Hr Reiki Session $399 

·        Unlimited Evening Yoga @PNA: Mon at 4:45pm & Fri at 9:30am

·        23 Session Class Value $484 + (1) Reiki Session $140

·        Buy in advance and save $225

·        (1) 1 hr Reiki Session scheduled virtually or in person

Unlimited Monday & Friday Yoga $350

·        Unlimited Yoga @PNA: Mon 4:45pm & Fri 9:30am

·        23 Session Class Value $484

·        Buy in advance save $134

Unlimited Evening Yoga $180

·        Unlimited Evening Yoga @PNA: Mondays from 4:45pm-5:45pm

·        11 Session Class Value $220

·        Buy in advance get 2 classes free

I’m also pleased to announce that I have expanded my hours and I am now available at 2 locations: Fremont and Maple Leaf going into effect for the New Year. I hope that you will find these longer hours and 2 locations more convenient and look forward to being of service to you!


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