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Spring Session Begins April 1st with Energy Hygiene

Unlock the power of Energy Hygiene - a journey toward equilibrium and vitality that will leave you feeling refreshed and recharged. In our upcoming classes, delve into transformative practices seamlessly woven into flowing yoga sequences, designed to harmonize your mind, body, and spirit.

Week 1 (4/1): Grounding

Forge a steadfast foundation of energetic support through sensory meditation, anchoring yourself to the present moment. Feel the soothing resonance of Koshi chimes as they gently settle and ground your being.

Week 2 (4/8): Centering

Discover the art of self-reiki for stress relief and inner balance, while immersive native drumming during relaxation liberates you from tension, anxiety, and fatigue.

Week 3 (4/15): Aura Awareness

Unravel the mysteries of your aura and its influence, beginning with a purifying smudging ritual. Embrace practices of energetic cleansing and movement, revitalizing your essence.

Week 4 (4/22): Shielding

Fortify your energy field with visualization and meditation techniques, safeguarding your inner harmony.

Week 5 (4/29): Releasing

Dissolve stress and anxiety with the transformative power of breathwork and EFT Tapping, releasing unwanted energies to embrace neutrality.

Week 6 (5/6): Purification

Flow energy to dissolve blockages, culminating in personalized reiki sessions tailored to each participant.

Week 7 (5/13): Replenishment

Replenish your energy with the graceful movements of Tai Chi, complemented by a soothing mini massage for ultimate relaxation.

Week 8 (5/20): Manifestation Magic

Harness the theta-healing meditation to manifest your dreams, concluding with personalized Reiki to amplify your intentions.

Week 9 (5/27): Magnetizing Momentum

Explore the art of gratitude stacking and the distinction between magnetizing and manifesting, infusing each moment with positivity and purpose.

Week 10 (6/3): Flow and Harmony

Embark on a journey of mindful movement with Kripalu Vinyasa yoga, inviting creativity, patience, and presence into every transition.

Week 11 (6/10): Joyful Focus

Elevate your spirits with uplifting mudras and the harmonious resonance of Koshi chimes, culminating in a celebration of joy and vitality.

Join us for this transformative spring session and awaken to a radiant new you! Session ends on 6/14.


Unlimited Mon/Fri Yoga + 1 Hr Reiki Session $399 

·        Unlimited Yoga @PNA: Mon at 4:45pm & Fri at 9:30am

·        19 Session Class Value $399 + (1) Reiki Session $140

·        Buy in advance and save $140

·        (1) 1 hr Reiki Session scheduled virtually or in person

Unlimited Monday & Friday Yoga $299

·        Unlimited Yoga @PNA: Mon 4:45pm & Fri 9:30am

·        19 Session Class Value $399

·        Buy in advance save $100

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