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Four Ways to Build Resiliency

Since the pandemic began, resilience has been a universally relatable topic. Life as we knew it, forever changed. There is now the pre-covid life and the post-covid life. Many, myself included, have found the path diverge in ways we never imagined. And even when change puts us on a healthier path, it doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy. I’ve heard hardship described as the universe waking us up to our true potential. A time we can stop, take stock, cultivate wisdom and be open to self growth. Boy, did she ever get our attention! For myself, change has been both painful and beautiful. Change has offered me the freedom to show up more authentically, has allowed me to unlearn and relearn and has gotten me closer to the person that I was meant to be. I now have a fulfilling job inspiring others and have cultivated the most amazing community. Gleaning wisdom from mentors, Brene Brown, for one, have emboldened me to be courageous and make tough life choices. Renee’s message is profound: be vulnerable, show up organically. face your fears and let yourself fail as it's through mistakes, we innovate. What does it take to be brave and resilient? Is it an innate characteristic? Studies show that resilience can be strengthened like you would strengthen a muscle.

Here are four ways to build resilience:

  1. Joy and gratitude. Do the things that bring you joy! And practice gratitude. Studies show gratitude is strongly related to happiness.

  2. Self compassion. When you feel stressed take a break. Catch yourself when negative talk arises and consciously shift gears with an activity to break the cycle. Breath. Meditate.

  3. Acceptance. Know what’s in your control and what isn’t. In other words, this is out of my control, but I can focus on what I CAN do.

  4. Get connected. Build positive relationships with loved ones and friends for support and guidance. I find resilience to be a befitting topic in these last weeks of winter as we patiently await the warmer weather and longer days. The Spring countdown is a reminder that resiliency is a living organism and a work in progress. This week I’m excited to put practices into play that help build resiliency when energy is low. I will be demonstrating easy energy techniques that will center your awareness inside yourself and help you connect with your bodies chi (energy). Elements of qigong, breath work and chakra healing techniques will be incorporated into class to help you feel refreshed and centered.

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