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Top 6 Reasons to Include Meditation Into Your Daily Routine

We all have busy schedules and it feels like adding 1 more practice into our daily routine is just unreasonable. With that said, there are plenty of ways to integrate this practice without feeling overwhelmed. If you are new at meditating, try a guided meditation. There are hundreds of them online and you can select one that matches up with the amount of time you have. Try starting with a 10-12 minute meditation either first thing in the morning when you are already lying down and relaxed. This can set the mood for your day. If mornings are too difficult, try starting your practice in the evening to wind down before bed.

If you incorporate a daily meditation practice you will enjoy these top 6 benefits:

1) Helps to relieve stress and fatigue

2) An increase in patience

3) Reduces negative emotions

4) Increases creativity

5) Makes you more loving

6) Helps you manage anxiety

Start with a short meditation like this free 6 minute "Being & Wellbeing" meditation that I created which can be found on my new Soundcloud account:

As a certified yoga instructor and reiki therapist based in Seattle, I like to blend a variety of techniques into my practice to ensure that your body feels healthy, strong and balanced. I teach group in-person classes, live virtual group classes and also offer custom private or group sessions on a by request basis. Click Here For Details


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